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Making a safer home for your pet to prevent injuries - Silverquine

Making a safer home for your pet to prevent injuries

If you are living with a pet, you are probably doing your best to make sure that you offer a safe and welcoming environment where your beloved companion can feel at home. Even the most caring pet owners often fail to consider a rather overlooked danger: burn wounds.

Many pets obviously spend most of their time at home, and therefore, your home environment has the potential to expose your household pets to burn wounds. Such wounds are very painful, and they can develop into life-threatening infections, if not treated correctly.

If you want to make sure to prevent such issues, follow the following tips!

-Some pets love to mess around with electrical outlets, cables and wires. This might lead to electrical burns. Make sure you secure your electrical outlets and leave the power off when not needed.

-Some pets love to snuggle up near sources of heat. Make sure your heaters and other heat-generating devices are not set too high and are safe for your pets.

-All of us have chemical products in our home, perhaps to unclog the sink or poison weeds in our gardens. Some of these products might cause chemical burns, so keep them in a safe, locked-out place where pets and children can’t reach! 

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