Silverquine Promotes Healing in 2 Critical Ways

As a wound dressing gel, SILVERQUINE may inhibit bacterial load on contact, and may facilitate accelerated recovery by functioning as a barrier to infection.

As a hydrogel dressing, SILVERQUINE contributes moisture to the wound bed and may facilitate autolytic debridement of necrotic tissue, or may be used in mechanical debridement.

No Adverse Reactions

With only 4 ingredients and no sulfa, alcohol agents, or alginatethere are no known adverse events associated with the indicated use of SILVERQUINE Animal Wound Dressing Gel. It is Safe for any size animal and cost effective. Indicated for a dressing change every 24 to 72 hours, but frequency will depend on the type and condition of the wound.

Water Based Product With No Alcohol

Silverquine technology contains NO alcohol. This is important as many topical antibacterial products contain alcohol. Chronic exposure of wounds to alcohol can have a negative impact on stem cell activity, tissue granulation, and epithelization. In addition, alcohol can quickly dry out healthy skin on both the animal and the practitioner resulting in dermatitis and potentially other more serious skin conditions.

Low Concentrations of Silver

Low 24ppm concentration of silver—equivalent to 0.0024%, which corresponds to a lack of adverse events and has continuous action within the dressing. Why is lower better? Using the lowest effective dose minimizes side effects and prevents potential antimicrobial resistance to newer products. You may not know that silver sulfadiazine contains 10,000ppm of silver. Silverquine technology contains less than 100ppm of silver. If you are curious just how well our technology works, check out our videos on this website.

Colorless See Through Technology

Smooth, transparent water-based gel that offers clear visualization of the wound. Our technology is colorless. Once you apply our gel on a wound, you will understand just how important this is in monitoring the healing of the wound. Many topical products are ointments or creams with a petrolatum base that completely covers the wound. When the wound is covered and you can’t view the healing progress, it makes it more difficult to assess how the wound is healing. Our colorless technology allows for active therapy management while assessing and viewing the wound at the same time.

Odorless Technology

Silverquine technology is odorless. By being an odorless product in addition to a colorless product, bugs such as flies, gnats, bees, and other insects are not attracted to the wound. As a result, the wound stays cleaner and our animal friends are not repeatedly bothered by these pesky little bugs.