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CBD Treats for Dogs - Silverquine

CBD Treats for Dogs

The benefits of CBD have spread through the health sphere rapidly in recent years, and not only for humans. 

Research and studies have shown CBD is extremely beneficial for dogs as well, leading to the production of all types of CBD-infused treats and biscuits for your pooch. Here we’re breaking down why you should choose CBD treats to dose CBD to your dog, as well as which brands are best, what to look for in a treat, and CBD’s benefits for Fido. 

How Can CBD Help My Dog?

Before we dive into treat options, let’s look at several of the major benefits of CBD for dogs in case you’re still on the fence.

  1. Can Reduce Feelings of Anxiety

Like humans, dogs can also suffer from feelings of stress and anxiety, including separation anxiety from being left at home during the day. 

Many studies on animals and humans show CBD can lower stress levels and may help reduce feelings of anxiety. In one study, researchers found roughly 72 percent of patients experienced better sleep and reduced feelings of anxiety in just one month. [*] Others have shown that CBD can have positive effects on a wide range of anxiety-related disorders. [*]

  1. Can Reduce Inflammation

If your dog is suffering from an inflamed injury, or perhaps dealing with a type of inflammatory condition like arthritis or irritated inflamed skin, CBD treats may help. 

Several studies show cannabinoids can help reduce inflammation by regulating inflammation-promoting cytokines and T cells. These cells are intricately involved in the inflammation process, and CBD is excellent at stepping in to help downregulate the inflammation response. [*]

  1. Can Improve Joint Pain

Many dogs experience arthritis or joint pain as they age. CBD has been widely studied for its ability to help reduce pain by interacting with certain cannabinoid receptors, as well as by helping to reduce inflammation in the joints – a major source of pain in conditions like arthritis. [*

As a bonus, many dog treats with CBD are also tailored to reducing inflammation and often include other anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric.

  1. Can Help Control Seizures

Dogs can experience seizures for many reasons, ranging from epilepsy to liver damage and/or toxin exposure. If your dog is experiencing recurring seizures, CBD may be able to help reduce their frequency due to being a known anticonvulsant. 

In fact, one of the first discovered benefits of CBD was its ability to help reduce seizure frequency in conditions like epilepsy. [*] One study even found that 214 patients with severe epilepsy who were given the oil reduced their seizures by roughly 36 percent. [*] 

The FDA has also approved the first-ever CBD-based drug, Epidiolex, to help treat rare and severe forms of the disease. [*]

Is CBD Safe For My Dog?

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