“I have a mare that is prone to getting summer sores each year and this year was no different. This time it was on her face and it was pretty ugly. I applied SILVERQUINE twice daily and after 5 days of treatment the sore was half way gone and completely gone within 2 weeks. I have tried so many different products and nothing is compared to SILVERQUINE. Goodbye Summer Sores!”
Jacky Mcdaniel, Wildflower Paso Finos

Dear SilverQuine,
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that my 11 year old 18H Dutch Warmblood has had a chronic fly/summer sore on the front of his ankle that became about 2” in diameter; we had been battling getting it to stay closed for almost a year. Over time he developed a very large disk of scar tissue and a ring of dead tissue that would not allow it to close over. We had 2 of our vets look at it and both of their diagnosis was surgery and that he would need to be laid down to do it affectively and safely as well as several weeks in a PVC cast to keep the joint immobilized to let the skin regenerate and heal properly. As an equine vet tech, I agreed that this was looking to be my only option because the sore was not healing and we had exhausted any other opportunities and options that we had looked into. But both my trainer and I were cringing at the thought of keeping a goofy 18 hand, huge horse, in a cast and immobile for several weeks!
As luck would have it, my trainer Michael Hochstetler, was racking his brain as well, to try and avoid us having to get this surgery done. One day Michael introduced my horse to one of his clients who happened to be a Doctor, a human burn specialist. She looked at the wound and was sure she could debride it and help the healing process begin , she took this on as her personal mission, as part of her treatment regimen she decided to use the product SilverQuine. We noticed within the first week that healing had begun. Over the last 8 weeks my horse has gone from no options but surgery, to complete closure of the wound. I have to give credit to Michael Hochstetler who refused to believe that surgery was the only option, the doctor who spent her time carefully removing the scar tissue and treating his wound and SilverQuine, which without we would not have seen the healing that occurred over the past 8 weeks. I can’t thank you all enough for helping me avoid a very costly surgery and time saved in my horses training and life so that he can be prepared to show during the upcoming season.
Warmest Regards,

“FANTASTIC PRODUCT” We have an older horse who was having the canned aluminum-based product sprayed on his wounds – he hated it. We have been using the Silverquine on him and he does not object – sores are diminishing each day. This is such a blessing. We will always have this product on hand.
MIRACLE CREAM / SUMMER SORES BE GONE!!! – Posted by Renee Hahne on Jun 25th 2012
My Paso Fino has had summer sores for 4 years. They have totally covered her body in the past. She has a compromised immune system and can’t fight the problem. In the last 4 years I have spent a lot of money on vet bills and different drugs, gel, sprays, shots, etc. Silverquine is the only medication that has worked and healed her. I will keep this cream on hand at all times for other wounds, etc.
This is an amazing product. I have used it on my dog and horse and have had amazing results. I highly recommend it!!